Welcome to T4S! Now, tell your story.

Hello Dear Reader,

Welcome to the Talent 4 Startups community! This is where local startups and local talent meet for an exchange of knowledge and experience and new relationships begin. (What is T4S?)

Our platform is free, simple, and powerful. The first thing you need, is of course, an awesome profile! 🙂

To create the best profile ever, just tell your story with pride. We recommend the Present-Past-Future method of describing where you are now, where you’ve been, and where you’d like to be.


Follow these steps to make sure you stand out!

  • Highlight things that make you unique as a team member and in the fields you are developing.
  • Create a big picture of what you can offer.
  • Include tags so others can find you (remember tags are the areas you want to learn/contribute on and may or may not be areas you are an expert on)
  • Upload your photo or company logo to build credibility.
  • Keep your profile concise and to the point in 3 paragraphs or less.
  • Provide a link to your portfolio or project to demonstrate your skills or product.

Filling in blank profiles is always like being asked that vague and sweaty palm producing interview question: “Tell me about yourself.” So conclude your profile with something dynamic that exudes some personality. Try one of these thought starters and expound upon it or change it up in one or two sentences to fit your message:

  1. “I can summarize who I am in three words.” Grabs their attention immediately. Demonstrates your ability to be concise, creative and compelling.
  2. “The quotation I live my life by is…” Proves that personal development is an essential part of your growth plan. Also shows your ability to motivate yourself.
  3. “My personal philosophy is…” Companies hire athletes – not shortstops. This line indicates your position as a thinker, not just an employee.
  4. “Well, I googled myself this morning, and here’s what I found…”Tech-savvy, fun, cool people would say this. Unexpected and memorable.
  5. “My passion is…” People don’t care what you do – people care who you are. And what you’re passionate about is who you are. Plus, passion unearths enthusiasm.
  6. “If Hollywood made a move about my life, it would be called…”Engaging, interesting and entertaining.
  7. “The compliment people give me most frequently is…” Almost like a testimonial, this response also indicates self-awareness and openness to feedback.

Adapted from http://www.theladders.com/career-advice/10-good-ways-to-tell-me-about-yourself


Now go forth, dear one: Create and Experience!